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    • Bobban Subhadra M.S, PhD

    • CEO
    • Dr. Subhadra leads the Biom Pharmaceuticals. As CEO of Biom, he brings expertise in growing and scal...  More

    • CTO
    • As CTO, Dr. Elben leads the Scientific Advisory Board and is responsible for leading research on Mic...  More
    • Jenny Wilkins, NMD, CRA, AMC

    • Medical Director (Natural Medicine)
    • Dr. Jenny is a Naturopathic Doctor and clinical research associate. She is a successful entrepreneur...  More
    • Vijitha Vivekanandan

    • Co-Founder & COO
    • Vijitha Vivekanandan is the founder and Chief Operations Officer at Biom Pharmaceuticals. She is an ...  More
    • Ricky Nickerson, RPh

    • Chief Clinical Pharmacist
    • Ricky Nickerson is a clinical pharmacist with 30 years experience in working at CVS, Walmart and Tar...  More
    • Tippeswamy Sannaverappa Phd

    • Director of Functional Foods
    • Dr. Sannaverappa is leading the functional and medical food division at Biom Pharmaceuticals. Curren...  More
    • Varughese Abraham

    • VP of Marketing (Medical division)
    • Mr. Varughese Abraham is leading the sales and marketing medical division at Biom Pharma. A pharmace...  More


Dr. Subhadra leads the Biom Pharmceuticals. As CEO of Biom, he brings expertise in growing and scaling businesses, operations, marketing, and innovation and broad brand portfolios. He worked with several early-stage biotech companies to develop and commercialize biomedical products and services. As a researcher he studied the role of neuroserpin, tissue plasminogen activator, and thyroid hormone in synaptic plasticity and developed Alzheimer’s disease mouse models and has published extensively in prestigious journals including Nature and Science. He has developed and commercialized numerous patented technologies and products for biochemical, biofuel, and pharmaceutical companies. Bobban has earned a Master’s degree from University of Arkansas and a Doctoral degree in Microbiology and Immunology from School of Medicine, University of New Mexico.


Dr. Hodge is an Internal Medicine specialist. His interests include dietary and nutritional therapies  for preventative medicine and well-being. He is working with Biom Pharma on the applications of microbiome-based therapies for disease prevention in medical practice.
Dr. Gopi Reddy is a infectious disease practitioner with research experience in hard-to-treat infections. He has published several research articles on developing novel animal models and vaccination strategies against Tularemia. He completed his doctoral and medical degree from School of Medicine, University of New Mexico..
Peter is the president and director of Juvent Regenerative Therapy Corporation. With 20 years of executive experience in sales, marketing, management, product development, engineering, business development, market research and consulting, Mr. Simonson holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. He is inventor of the Medtronic’s patented unique spinal implant a system, TSRH-3D®, which has sold in excess of $1 billion in more the 30 countries. Mr. Simonson, and the team developing his technology received Medtronic’s global Technical-Contributor-of-The-Year award.

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