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Biom Probiotics is a 2nd generation probiotics supplement optimized  for diversifying human microbiome for functional health and longevity benefits. Biom Probiotics is the result of 4 patent-pending technology. It uses our proprietary TriBiomTM formulation technology and certified gluten-free, dairy-free and Non-GMO

Biom N2N is our line of microbiome-optimized functional foods. The product line include  N2N Turmeric Bar, N2N Spirulina Bar, N2N Hemp Bar. The product line is a collaborative effort between Biom Pharma and Lubdub Foods Ltd, Ireland. Lubdub foods Ltd is Irish health food company based in Limerick which develops unique snack bar products made with 100% natural ingredients and with a much higher nutrient count than other snack bars on the market.

BiomSafe is our microbiome cataloguing and storing service. It temporally track, analyze, and store your healthy microbiome when you are in the prime of your health so that you can use it for for personalized microbiome therapy for future

Biomsify Diet is our microbiome enhancing dietary plan optimized for health and longevity


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